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Past Exhibits

The 2010 Summer Exhibit has officially closed, but you can still read about it below.  
Our July 15 opening day was a big success! Click http://www.thenorthfieldnews.com/news/2010-07-22/ 
to read the story in the Northfield News.
Additional coverage on the McIntosh exhibit from the
Times-Argus (available to paid subscribers only):
Also from WCAX-TV, Burlington.
Reuben M. McIntosh : 19th Century Northfield Photographer
and His Photographs 
The Society creates a new exhibit each summer from objects
and information within our collection. For the summer of 2010,
the exhibit will feature the photographs of Northfield's first resident
professional photographer, Reuben M. McIntosh.
Drawing from the Society's extensive collection of McIntosh's
portraits in the form of cabinet cards and carte-de-visites, his
stereoview photos, and his glass negatives that have survived,
we hope to make Northfield residents and  visitors alike aware
of McIntosh's skill and talent.
Want to know more about Reuben? The current Dog River Crier
has articles about him and the history of photography, in general.
Contact us to receive a copy for a mere $2.00 + postage. Or, you
can purchase a copy at the Northfield Pharmacy.
A special feature we will offer is a "portrait corner," where a
local photographer will take quick digital portraits of anyone
who would like to sit in front of a hand-painted backdrop with
Victorian-style accessories as part of the pose. The sitting is
free (donations always accepted), but we will ask people to sign
a release so that Society can keep a copy of the portrait for our
collection, for future generations to see how we looked and
dressed at this particular point in time. Not unlike the portraits
from long ago that we look at today and wonder: How could they
wear stuff like that?
Along with the work of McIntosh, we will also feature the photographs 
of the Northfield family of Harvey I. Cutting and Jennie (Moulton) Cutting,
from the early 1900's. The glass negatives were purchased at auction
by the Society a few years ago, and this will be the first time anyone
has seen the photographs as positive images. The glass negatives were
recently digitized and offer a glimpse into the Cutting family's life and
literally into their house, which still stands in Northfield today.
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 Reuben M. McIntosh 
 R.M. McIntosh Stereograph of Northfield's
Arch Railroad Bridge of the Dog River
(destroyed in the 1927 flood)
Harvey I. Cutting, with wife, Jennie,
and their three children