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Finding Aids

The Northfield Historical Society's archives have been organized into broad categories and sub-categories. Finding Aids have been developed for this archive collection, and we have made them available here as full-text PDF files. Please be aware that these aids are general in scope and do not specifically indicate every item that may be found in a specific category. However, the aids will give you an idea of what we have in our archive collection. The Finding Aids will be updated and replaced when necessary.

The remaining NHS collection, objects, photographs, our library holdings, etc., has been cataloged in Past Perfect Museum Software. We continue to add records to this database, which is only available on-site at the Paine House. However, we are happy to search our database for you as you do your own research into Northfield's history.

We hope you will find these Finding Aids helpful in your research. Please contact us if you need more information.