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Miscellaneous Northfield Historical Publications-Full-Text

Below are full-text, searchable pdf scans of various Northfield historical publications. We hope you will find these useful in your research, or just simply fun to read! Check back as we will be adding more new titles soon.

Northfield Institution (Academy) Student Newspaper
A Little Bit of History: 
>The Northfield Academy was chartered by the Vermont Legislature in 1846, however the building was not constructed until 1851, funded by "public-spirited citizens" in Northfield, at a cost of $2600. (No, not a typo.) The school officially opened in Sept. of 1851. In 1854, the Vermont legislature officially changed its name to the Northfield Institution, and that is the name that appears on the masthead of the newspaper. 
>As the student editors wrote in volume 1, no. 1, Oct. 12, 1854: "This paper is submitted to the attention of the candid reader as the first number of Excelsior... The contents of each number will be composed the regular rhetorical exercises of students attending the Institution; and therefore will not bear that rigid, critical examination, to which most literary works are subject; for this reason we ask the kind indulgence of our readers."

>In 1876, the building burned to the ground and a new building was constructed that same year at a cost of $11,000. The school eventually became known as the Gray Building and became a grade school housing grades K-3, until it closed its doors in 1994. The Gray Building underwent renovation funded by grants, local support, and Norwich University, and still stands today on the hill of the original Northfield Institution, housing private businesses.