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Northfield Town School District Reports - Full-Text

School reports offer "hidden" information about a town that may not be found anywhere else. Below are searchable full-text PDF scans of early Northfield Graded School District and the Town School District reports. Each report will open in a new window and may be downloaded to your own computer. If you have difficulty opening a file or have any questions about the reports, please contact us: nhscurator@gmail.com
Northfield Town School District Reports:

For 1949, see the 1949 Town Report

For 1951, see the 1951 Town Report
For 1952, see the 1952 Town Report
For 1953, see the 1953 Town Report
For 1954, see the 1954 Town Report
For 1955, see the 1955 Town Report
For 1956, see the 1956 Town Report
For 1957, see the 1957 Town Report
For 1958, see the 1958 Town Report
For 1959, see the 1959 Town Report

For 1960-1966, see the Town Reports for those years.

Northfield Incorporated School District Reports: