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NHS Endowment Fund

The Northfield Hisorical Society, Inc. is an IRS non-profit, tax-exempt corporation which was charted by the State of Vermont on April 14, 1988.
The objectives of the Society are to:
  • Collect
  • Preserve
  • Interpret
the materials connected with the history of Northfield, to be used both for education and enjoyment by present and future generations.
Oftentime individuals wish to create a memorial to a loved one or give back to the community part of one's heritage. Recognizing this desire, the Society's Board of Managers has established a vehicle to accept gifts and bequests.
An endowment fund has been created and is recommended for any of the following remembrances:
  • As a personal bequest in your will
  • As a funeral tribute in lieu of flowers
  • In celebration of an event in one's life -- anniversary, birthday, graduation
  • As a tribute to a loved one to be recorded in the Memorial Book
  • In anonymity for one's own personal reasons
  • As a personal gift
Any bequest or gift to the Society's endowment fund will be one of two types:
  • Unrestricted, which means the Society may use the gift for any Society purpose
  • Restricted, which means the Society can only use the gift for a purpose or purposes specified by you
If you would like further information, please contact:
                                                Northfield Historical Society
                                                Endowment Fund
                                                PO Box 422
                                                Northfield, Vermont 05663
Gifts to the Society are tax deductible pursuant to the IRS Code.  
All text and images on this website (except for the "Further Afield" links) are owned by the Northfield Historical Society and may not be used or duplicated without their express written permission. Thank you.