Donations/NHS Collection Policy

If you have objects, ephemera, archival material (letters, diaries, etc.), or photographs you would like to donate to the Society, please take a few moments to read our Collection Policy below. We would be happy to discuss your donations with you as well. Email is best ( or you can call 802-485-4792 (you will need to leave a message). Appraisals on the monetary value of items are the responsibility of the donor.


1. Purpose

To collect and preserve materials connected with the history of Northfield and its residents.

2. Scope

The collection may include materials of interest and/or of enduring value to the Northfield community.

3. Acquisition

All members of the Northfield community, or those with an interest in the Northfield community, are invited to donate materials that help to illuminate the history of the people, places and/or events concerning Northfield and/or its residents. Materials that do not document the history of the Northfield and/or its residents, past or present, may be accepted but may be withdrawn and/or sold at a later date to generate income to help care for the collection. Both loans and donations of appropriate materials will be accepted by the Curator and recorded in writing.

Except where specifically authorized by the Curator or Board of Managers, no materials will be accepted except as unrestricted gifts. The Curator will review all offers of materials; however, when questions arise as to the appropriateness of a gift or loan, the Curator may consult the Board of Managers. Donors of materials that are placed in the Society’s custody prior to their formal acceptance will be provided with a conditional receipt and these materials will be promptly returned to their owner in the event of non-acceptance.

4. Use

The collection will be stored and exhibited at the Paine House. The Curator is authorized to make the collection available for research or educational use, or for loan.

5. Loans (Incoming)

Upon acceptance into the Paine House, the Curator will inventory incoming loan materials, physical condition will be noted, and a receipt given to the lender. A copy of the receipt will also be kept permanently in the Curator’s files. Loan items will be accepted only when the materials are required for use in an exhibit or program and/or there is a written agreement signifying that the loaned materials will be donated to the museum as unrestricted gifts within a specified period of time.

6. Loans (Outgoing)

No materials from the collection will be loaned for outside use except with the approval of the Curator and the Board of Managers.

7. Conservation, Restoration and Repairs

Conservation, restoration, repairs and/or other alterations to collection materials will be performed by appropriate professionals only upon the recommendation of the Curator, with the approval of the Board of Managers. Alterations must respect the original integrity of the item(s) and, when possible, will employ techniques and materials that are reversible.

8. De-accessioning

The Northfield Historical Society reserves the right to dispose of any materials it owns that are deemed by the Curator to be inappropriate and/or out-of-scope. Ultimate disposition may take the form of sale, exchange or discard, subject to the judgment of the Curator, acting with the advice of the Board of Managers.

Accepted March 8, 2006